Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Monday, June 27, 2016

Work Hard, Play Hard

So this last week was a lot of and a lot of work. We attended a birthday party and did a lot of teaching. We studied like crazy and got to know our investigators even better so we can truly help them. Next week we should be able to baptize two of them and the best part is they are both part of part member families so we are helping unite families. The amount of joy I feel when I am with them is unlike anything else. Both of them are super excited to be baptized also so it is great!

We got together with some of our fellow shippers earlier today to play volleyball. It was a blast and of course my team won. We are getting really close with the members here and we even got a whole family to come to church together for the first time in a while and they were so happy when they were there. I love this work and I am so grateful for my opportunity to be a missionary for my Heavenly Father. I love Him and He loves me, and He loves every single person on Earth.

-Elder Lewis

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