Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Radio Silence...and then

We didn't hear from Dylan because he doesn't always have access to internet. But we finally heard back from him. It's always so nice to hear from him - but especially after it's been awhile. 

The celebration wasn't really big on Christmas but it was huge on New Years. At midnight it sounded like a warzone, there were so many fire works.

The last two weeks were really good. Two weeks ago not a lot happened. Most people were really busy so teaching was more difficult. It was really loud at night so sleeping was a bit difficult too but now everything is good. Everyone is back too their regular schedule so teaching is normal now.

Best Christmas Present Ever

I will start calling you guys Monday at about 8:00 am here in Pagudpud. I don't know what that is over there.

Christmas is Getting Closer

There has been so much going on in Dylan's world. Let me catch you up! 

Christmas is getting closer!

This last week was pretty good. We had another baptism. So that was good. They are people that we have been teaching for a while. I Baptized four people in the last two weeks. Only two of them were investigators the other two were 8 years old.

I'll have someone film parts of the Christmas program so you can see part of it. We perform for the other missionaries. We have to travel a lot for our practices. We do it by Zone and and our zone is pretty large, as far as area goes. As soon as I find out about the skype call I will let you know about it. I will find out next week I believe.

Still Getting Ready for Christmas

There has been so much going on in Dylan's world. Let me catch you up! 

At the beginning of December we heard from Dylan again. They're still very busy getting ready for Christmas. 

It's crazy how close Christmas is. We have no decorations, but Pagudpud is decorating the town. It's awesome, if I get the chance I will send you some pictures. We have been so busy lately and most of it is stuff for the Christmas Conference. I can't wait to skype either, I don't have any info on that but when I do I will let you know. All the missionaries are performing. It's cool but I wish I didn't have to dance, I wish I could just watch. Performing is not for me.

Thank you for being proud, and the days are still sometimes hard but they are still some of the best days of my life. I don't know if I want time to go faster. It's weird, I want to go home to be with you guys but, I don't want to leave the Philippines. I love the people so much, leaving is going to hurt.

Catching Up With Elder Lewis

There has been so much going on in Dylan's world. Let me catch you up! 

Before Christmas the missionaries in the Laoag mission get together to practice for a Christmas program. They spend their P-days traveling and working together to get ready for Christmas. As part of his travels, he was able to stop by his old area, Claveria, and see some of the members. Wika is the girl he baptized earlier. Here is an update he sent on November 28, 2016:

I don't have a lot of time again. I'm sorry. We have been pretty busy and we are still going o be pretty busy until after Christmas. About Wika, I got to go to Claveria yesterday and she and her siblings are doing great. We had a meeting there this morning so we traveled yesterday because it gets really difficult to travel there. It was great to see some of the members there and some of the people. They are all doing well.