Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Companion

So last week we had transfers. My new companion is Elder Montojo. He is from the southern part of the Philippines. We have some new really amazing investigators that when we taught them the first time and invited them to be baptized they told us yes. We only have one problem, they are going to school in Laoag until June 26 so they are only in Claveria every once in a while. Other than that things have been pretty good here. We have been working with some of the youth and they have been really great at helping us.

We also had a miracle happen. So we were in our furthest area working and a ride there is about 30 minutes. Only we had now ride because it was getting dark. Then this random person gives us a ride for a bit then we were walking again. Now it's getting pretty dark and then we go to flag down a tricycle driver when this car pulls up next to us and they offer us a ride. Turns out the driver use to be a mission president and just so happened to be heading to Laoag. So he gave us a ride to Claveria and we had no problems from there. I know that the lord watches out for his missionaries and that if we have faith in Him, He will provide us with miracles when we need them. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Lewis

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