Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You have to Love the people

This week has been pretty good. We had a surprising number of lessons this week since we had to travel on Tuesday to Laoag and the again on Thursday to Vigan. In Laoag we had "reunion" which is where all the trainers and trainees from my batch meet together again and talk to the Mission President and the AP's. It was so amazing to see my MTC District the is also in my mission. We got to catch up and talk and it was great. They are all doing great, one of them actually had a baptism yesterday. Wednesday was average just teaching. I'm starting to notice a difference in my teaching now. I'm slowly getting better at the language which really helps my teaching. The trick that I've learned on how to learn a language faster and be better at it is you have to pray for help. There is a huge difference on the days I pray for help and the days when I don't pray for help. Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting and it was great. I learned a lot from the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It was a great day. Friday we had a harder time teaching, and Saturday we attended a baptism of one of the Sisters investigators. I got to witness again and I was also asked to conduct the meeting. It was a good day. My favorite day though was yesterday, Sunday. Nothing is better than going to church and taking the sacrament. I love church I feel at home there. I taught young mens this week. So yesterday me and Elder De Leon tried fasting for our investigators, we were hoping that by some chance at least one of our investigators would come to church, however once again none of them came. I know however that we will eventually get them to come and if they don't then, as hard as it will be, we will have to drop them. A very Important thing that I have learned is, as a missionary our job is to harvest the souls that are ready for the gospel. Did we waste time with out investigators? No, of course not, we still helped them come closer to Christ which is our purpose.

Life gives us trials. Everyone goes through trials and everyone is knocked down by life. What separates winners and losers is that the winners get back up over and over again even though they know they will just get knocked down again. Also happiness is a choice. Sometimes it's the hard choice to make because of our trials but there is always some good in everything. So choose to focus on that, choose to be happy and your life will be so much better. Ammok na ay totoo, naragsak nayibati ti nagan ni Jesucristo, Amen

Ayaya ten kayo,

Elder Lewis

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