Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Malagayang Pasko!!!

Malagayang Pasko! This last week had to have been the hardest week of my whole mission and yet the funnest week of my mission. So first on Monday we were with the whole Zone again and that was awesome then we went back to Sinait because on P-day we still have to teach. We went to buy food and a very poor man who had down syndrome and some physical restrictions as well came up to me and asked for money. It is however against the rules for missionaries to give out money. I had to tell this beloved child of our Heavenly Father I can't give you money. Doing that was the most difficult thing for me. I love the people here and I would give everything I can to them but I'm not allowed to give them money. I spent the rest of the day feeling completely defeated because maybe this time could have been an exception.

Tuesday was pretty good though. We were out finding and stopped by 7-11 to get a snack and ended up getting invited to one of the workers birthday parties. So we went and hung out with them. Well it turns out the father of the family was really good friends with some missionaries a few years ago and was doing all the right things. He had to stop taking the lessons however because of work. When we were talking to him he said that the most important thing is his family. We could have a golden investigator and we have the opportunity to bring him and his whole family into the gospel and watch their lives improve. Right now we are just building some trust with them but soon we might be able to teach them.

Wednesday was average but Thursday was pretty crazy. We had a pretty big earthquake here. Everything is fine but the walls and ceiling to our apartment were close to collapsing and our neighbors antennae fell off the roof of their house. It was scary but super cool. Elder De Leon almost had a heart attack it was funny.

Friday and Saturday were also pretty average lessons are starting to get more difficult because our investigators sometimes aren't home for us to teach them. Sunday was really great, I taught Elders Quorum and Elder De Leon and I helped in Sunday School because their lesson was on missionaries. Then I was a surprise speaker in Sacrament. I found out right as sacrament started. I wasn't given a topic and so I chose to speak on Jesus Christ and His Atonement because of Christmas and how His Atonement is the greatest gift in the world. It was amazing because as I was speaking I also ended up learning more about the Atonement. The power of the Holy Ghost is amazing.

Brothers and Sisters, this Christmas season don't focus on your self, focus on others and focus on giving to them. Think about Christ because He is the reason. I love you all so much.

Malagayang Pasko!

Elder Lewis

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