Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Love the Members

So this last week has been really good. We had many opportunities to work with the members and it was amazing. Having members with us in the lessons made it so much nicer. We have really been focusing on less active members and some of them came back to church on Sunday, it was so amazing to see them. At first we were really wondering if they were going to be there and the joy I had when I saw them was napakamaganda.

This week we were invited over to the Branch President's house for dinner and it was a lot of fun, we got to be with him, his wife and his daughter. They are an awesome family.

I have learned a lot this week about patience and seeing things from other people's perspectives. The beginning of the week we had plans with members and then the members would text us back and when they did it was at a time when we were no longer able to work with them because we were in a different city for a meeting. I was getting really frustrated, eventually we got to work with them and we were talking to them and they had been busy with work and family. I really learned that we just need to go with the flow of things and even if it gets hard we just have to press on.

Mahal ko kayo

Elder Lewis

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