Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hard Work Pays Off

So over the last few weeks it seemed like all the hard work we had been putting in on getting the less active members to come back to church wasn't getting anywhere. Yesterday however we saw the payoff of our work. We had many less active members come to church, not all of them came so we still have work to do and we hope we can get them to come back again next Sunday.

We had quite the amount of times to work with members this week and it was so much fun. Saturday we had this thing called One Day Mission where a lot of members for the whole day do missionary work. For the entire day we got to be out with the members. The members were a huge help and we got more lessons done that day because of them.

Last week we also had Zone Conference so we got to hear from President and Sister Andrada as well as the Assistants to the President. It was very helpful and the advice and training they gave us showed us some better ways to improve out area and make our area very strong in the work. On the way home we were on a bus so full of people that the whole middle aisle was full of people standing with us missionaries pushed up against the door. It was a blast.

The thing I learned most this week was that when life becomes the most difficult for us then we have to push harder than ever to ensure our victory. I know that if we persevere and endure to the end we will over come all of our trials. Hold onto the iron rod.

Elder Lewis

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