Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What a fast week!

What a fast week! It was a great week for us. We went out finding and have two new potential investigators. We taught all of our investigators and they are progressing pretty well but none of them have come to church yet. The language is coming along pretty well, I've also started learning Ilocano this week. It's a little different that Tagalog, but doesn't seem to difficult. This week we also taught some members how to introduce the Book of Mormon to non members and did some role play with them so they could experience it. Yesterday in church I taught Elders Quorum, directed the music in priesthood, and conducted the gospel principles class, it was a lot of fun!

So last week I talked about praying before you leave and how important that is. Well we forgot again and this time I crashed me bike three times, they weren't bad and I'm totally fine, but I've learned my lesson this time, and since then I have prayed before I left and nothing bad has happened. So don't forget to pray before you leave.

This week I also caught a spider and used it in a spider fight and I won. The children in the Philippines love fighting spiders, that and the card game Uno. On member visits we always end up playing a game of Uno.

I love you all, till next week,

Elder Lewis

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