Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Faith Week - a note from his parents

Dylan's arrival into the Philippines became a faith building experience for those of us here. We received an email from Dylan last Friday night - his Saturday morning - that he had arrived safely in Manila and would be heading out to Laoag. He wasn't exactly sure when he would leave or be able to email us again. That was hours before Typhoon Koppu (or Lando as it is called in the Philippines) made landfall.

Radio silence.

We saw story after story of devastation in the Philippines. Every total climbed; rainfall, the missing count, the death toll, and the number of Filipinos that had been evacuated coming in at over 100,000. Dylan should have been traveling in the path of the typhoon; however, we know that the Lord and all of his servants look over the missionaries. So, while we believed he was safe - there was no word from Dylan. We weren't sure where he even was.

Part of the typhoon's destruction included the country's infrastructure. Some provinces were left with no way to communicate, including Ilocos - where Laoag is located. And not knowing where Dylan was - we had no idea when he would be able to communicate. We were left with one line of communication, fortunately it is the best one.


And we prayed - we didn't stop praying. We haven't stopped praying.

I was left with the knowledge that no one can take better care of Dylan than the Lord - not even me. That he was in the best hands. We continued to pray.

We received an email from Dylan in the middle of night on Wednesday. He is safe. He and his companion have been staying with missionaries from Quezon City North. He also can't wait to get to Laoag and begin serving the people of his mission as they recover from the typhoon.

Prayers are answered. Our faith continues to grow. We would ask that our friends and family include the missionaries and the people of the Philippines in their prayers.

More information about the typhoon

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