Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week one


I have been crazy busy. My first day here I dropped my stuff of at my residence and then went straight to class. We have had two workshops where we learned a lot about teaching and understanding investigators and people. My companion is Elder Ossola, and me and him both share our residence with Elder Jones and Elder Earnest. All of us are going to Loaog.  Me and my companion both taught our first investigator in only Tagalog. 

The teacher we have is pretty awesome and he only speaks to us in Tagalog. He is a huge help in learning the language. Tagalog is really fun to speak I can't wait to be able to be really good at the language.

Time in the MTC is weird, its only day four but it feels like I have been here for weeks. The spirit is really strong here, you can see it in everyone's eyes. The other missionaries always are checking on the new missionaries to make sure that they are doing well. Our first investigator is named Jodi Marcucci and she only speaks Tagalog which makes teaching a really humbling experience. We plan our lesson the we really have to rely on the spirit to help us teach. Oh and I learned how to pray in Tagalog so all my prayers are in Tagalog. As hard as it has been so far it has definitely been worth it. I can feel the support and prayers from everyone!

Thank you and love you all!

P.S. I have taken pictures but can't get them to upload, so I will be sending them next week.

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