Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's Been Awhile

Sorry that it's been awhile. I am doing so well here and out investigators are really doing well. We had two come to church yesterday and they loved it. They have been before and so far they really love it. We have almost finished the lessons with them and they should be baptized in the next few weeks so we are so excited for them. My old trainee, Elder Pati-on, is now in Claveria with us and we are having a lot of fun being together again.

To everyone back home, I love you all so much and I want all of you to know that a mission, no matter how hard, how stressful, or how upsetting at times can be, will always be worth it. The ability to see people you love change and the ability to grow close and meet Our Heavenly Fathers children is the most amazing experience. To those preparing to go, (Evan( yes shout out bro)) right before you leave I promise there will be so many things stopping you but I promise you that when you go it will be more than worth it. Nothing in life will ever compare to a mission. Now those that just started, you got a ways ahead of you. A way of fun, excitement and love

Never lose hope on anyone, no one is too far out of reach and everyone deserves another chance. Failure leads to success, defeat leads to victory. I love you all so much. Remember that, and remember that you can do anything you put your mind too, including the impossible, because impossible is just a word.

   Elder Lewis
   Philippines Laoag Mission

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