Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Time of my Life (from last week)

This last week was way fast. I had so much fun this last week. We went to some far areas of ours to teach and it was great. We also got to teach with two return missionaries so our lessons went really well. I was able to see some new techniques on teaching so it was a lot of fun! Work is getting pretty difficult due to it being harvesting season. Most of our areas are full of fields so we teach a lot of farmers. They are all amazing and so humble and very receptive, the only problem is that they are all so busy right now.

A crazy thing that have happened: We rode on top of a Jeepnee on the highway, it was safe and a lot of fun. Then when we moved to the inside there was a bucket full of fish that were still alive and the water was spilling all over the place. We also rode with live chickens in a jeepnee once. It was awesome. Also lighting struck really close to our house the the whole house shook, the best part was there wasn't even any rain. I love the Philippines!

Everyday we get to meet new people and learning about them is one of the greatest parts of the mission. I love getting to know people and hear about their lives. Talking to people is so much fun. Another thing that I love is that I learn new things when I teach people. Each time I teach I learn something new and teaching also helps me really feel the spirit. I love being a missionary!

This is the true church, I know that without a doubt. I am so glad I am a member of this church. Alam ko na mahal na mahal tayo ni Jesucristo at ni Ama sa Langit.

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Lewis

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