Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Been A While

So I haven't written one of these in forever now. Like months I think. A quick update. Life is still life and it sucks but just because it sucks doesn't mean I hate it. In fact just the opposite. I love it. The work is hard, it is so hot here it's unbelievable, sometimes my brain turns off and Tagalog just doesn't work, but there is nothing I would rather be doing. This is the greatest blessing in the world and I know this is the true church.

The work is getting better. We had four investigators come up to us and introduce themselves to us then we had an amazing lesson with some long time investigators. The spirit was so strong as we talked about life and how the gospel can truly bring happiness into everyone's lives. We found 20 new investigators this last week and are shooting for more this week. We have been trying to get a fellowshipper as well as strengthen the members.

One thing I learned is no matter what you say, if you don't actually act then it doesn't really matter. Like faith, no matter how many times we say we believe something, if we don't prove it then they are just words.

Love you all, see you in 50 days.

Elder Lewis

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