Elder Dylan Lewis

Elder Dylan Lewis

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Transfer Week

We didn't hear from Dylan for a couple of weeks. When it rains too much in Pagudpud, they turn off the electricity for the town. It was transfer week for the Laoag missionaries. 

"So Elder Erguiza transferred so now I have a new companion. His name is Elder Ortiz. I use to be in the same zone as him when I was in Sinait. He is alright. He is similar to Pamaran. Also he goes home at the end of this cycle so I will be getting a new companion again while I am in Pagudpud. It was another super busy week bu it was pretty good. The weather has been about the same, so it's been cold but it started to get warmer now which is nice. We did a lot of finding this week. On Wednesday we weren't able to work because Ortiz had a fever so we just stayed home so he could rest."

I asked Dylan to share his thoughts on the plan of salvation with me. I also asked him to write my talk for me - that didn't work out the way I planned. 

"Haha sorry you have to speak, but my feelings about the plan of salvation have grown stronger since I've been on my mission. Being able to teach it has really helped me to understand it more and see how knowing about the Plan of salvation really changes how people live their lives. Also I know that if anything happens while I am gone and knowing that whoever passes away while I am gone doesn't mean I'll never see them again. It's more comforting to know that and for me it allows me to go through life unafraid of what could happen. Instead I get to live my life how I want and how I need with an understanding that there is more to our lives than just "being alive." To me the Plan of Salvation gives me purpose and truly allows me to live.

I hope that helps and is long enough. I know is not 7-10 minutes, so sorry haha :)"

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